the 3-day power version

the 3-day hackathon design Sprint

Or how to tackle a challenge with 2 teams in 3 days
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A few words about this design sprint

The Student Hotel brings together student accommodation, hotel rooms, co-working, meetings and events in a new and inspiring hospitality concept. The Student Hotels are buzzing hubs where people from all walks of life rub shoulders and exchange ideas. Inclusion and diversity are at the heart of the TSH core values. The question is: how do you put that to practice?
The Inclusion Factory is helping The Student Hotel to really live and breathe inclusion and diversity (I&D). Working module based, The Inclusion Factory ensures I&D becomes part of the working DNA of The Student Hotel. Left to right and top to bottom. Module 1 (Experience) consisted of creating awareness at board level and building a leading coalition. The objective of the current module is to give the board tangible tools to implement I&D for the TSH employees of today and tomorrow. 
To come up with those tools a Power Design Sprint will be organized. This is the playbook for that Design Sprint.

Run your own Design Sprint

This step-by-step playbook allows you to run your own Design Sprint. 

Note: take clear pictures of all exercises and note the name of each exercise above your whiteboard.

Authors tips & back-up

Secret sauce tips have been added to each exercise. Jeroen will be available to answer any question you might have. Just give him a ring: 0681 862 632

International teams

We’ll work with 2 inclusive and divers teams straight out of the future workforce of The Student Hotel: international students from Stenden Hotel Management School combined with current employees of The Student Hotel. External experts will join in to boost the teams with expertise.  


The Student Hotel Design Sprint is successful when we have 2 compelling stories as a prototype for the jury to judge.

At the end of the Design Sprint, we will have achieved the following:

- 2 possible and applicable I&D solutions for TSH
- 2 story based prototypes

Hackathon Style

2 teams will work for 3 days in a fully focused manner on the Design Sprint, hackaton style. Meaning coaches and facilitators will guide them through the mirky waters of this innovation proces in a pressure cooker situation. 
Friday is about understanding: we identify the problem and decide on a target area. Saturday we come up with solutions and sketch out the best possible solution. On Sunday the teams will build the prototype and present it to the Dragons’ Den. 

The challenge

Inclusion and diversity are at the heart of the TSH core values. The board definitely talks that talk. Walking the walk is easier said than done, though.

How do we best give the TSH board and the leading coalition of TSH the tools to unapologetically apply inclusion and diversity?

That’s the challenge the teams will be facing. During the Design Sprint the teams will find answers to the challenge. They’ll learn in an energetic and fun way how cool it is to work on this challenge together! An inclusive experience in its own right.